Tattoo After Care

Keep the tattooed covered with plastic bandage for no longer than (1) hour. Remove bandage and wash with soap and water. Be sure all surface blood is removed. DO NOT REBANDAGE TATTOO unless working under dirty conditions. Lightly pat dry. Apply a very thin layer of ointment 3 times a day for 4 days only (Bag Balm, Bacitracin, A&D ointment.) DO NOT USE BACITRACINIE YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANTIBIOTICS. DO NOT SHARE AFTERCARE PRODUCTS!!!!! Do not use Neosporin or Triple Anti Biotic ointments. On day 5, switch to *AVEENO MOISTURIZING LOTION* (3) times a day for one week. Keeping the tattoo clean during the first 2 weeks of healing is extremely important.

If tattoo gets pimples around it, stop using everything and keep clean with soap and water only.
As the tattoo heals, it will peel, flake and possibly scab. At which time it is extremely important to NOT PICK, SCRATCH, OR SCRUB the tattoo. Avoid prolonged shower spray (more than 2 minutes) for (1) week. DO NOT SWIM, SAUNA, TUB SOAK, EXPOSE TO PROLONGED SUN, TANNING BOOTHS, USE SUNBLOCK LOTIONS FOR (2) WEEKS. DO NOT APPLY HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, ALCOHOL OR VASELINE. If tattoo becomes inflamed (extremely red and irritated), consult a physician immediately.

After tattoo has healed, use (30-50) spa sunblock when exposed to prolonged sun (more than 15 minutes) to keep tattoo from fading. Use a cloth to cover tattoo while using a tanning booth.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in touch ups that will be charged for.

Please call us if you have any questions.